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Third Party Inspection:

IQRA Quality Services has qualified Inspectors to carryout Third Party Inspection as per approved Quality Assurance Plan, Inspection and Test Plan. We have the capability to conduct inspection from single orders to entire projects in accordance with International Codes and Standards.

Our Trained Inspectors visits the Supplier Facility or Project Sites to oversee inspections and tests, review and witness special processes, verify measurements and testing results, assess workmanship, and report progress. The scope of the inspection ranges from raw-material to finished product covering all stages of the manufacturing life cycle.

We inspect



Oil and Gas Test Separators, Production Separators, Oil Treaters, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Slug Catcher, Storage Tanks & Pumps, Columns
Cement Clinker Grinder, Kiln Shells, Ball Mills, Separator, Silo, Crusher, Induced Draft fan, Forced Draft fan, Hopper, Bucket Elevators, Conveyors, Coal Mill, Grinding Ball Mills, Liners, Classifier, Dust Collector, Screw Conveyor, Preheater, Cooler fan,
Power Boilers, Turbine, Generator, LP Heater, HP Heater, Gearbox, Water Wall Panels, Economisers, Super heater, ESP, Piping, Coal Handling System, Pumps, Valves, Fans, Condenser, Cooling Towers, Ash Handling System, Water Treatment, Feed Water Heater, Storage Tank, DE aerated tanks, Bowl Mill
Steel Blast Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace, Valves, Piston Pumps, Boilers, Cranes, Ladles, Buffer Vessels, Nitrogen Vessels, Storage Tank, Air receivers, Rollers.
Chemical Furnace and Boilers, Handling Equipment, Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel, Pumps & Blowers, Boilers, Condenser, Evaporator, Cooling Tower, Separators, Crusher, Reactor, Motors, Columns
Fertilizer Reactor, Cooler, Waste Heat Boiler, Heater, Catalyser, Converter, Bucket elevator, Crusher, Feeder, Columns
Pharmaceutical Storage Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Columns, Valve, Pump, Piping, Mixer, Granulator,
Solar Power Structural Inspection