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Our Strengths as PMC

  • Project Management Consultants at IQRA Quality Services bring specialized skills and knowledge to assist clients in making the best possible business decisions.
  • Providing oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to commissioning.
  • Daily tasks include Managing Plan vs. Achieved, Budget vs. Expenditure, Resources deployment, Tracking and expediting the Material/ Resource Requirement, Network Analysis by CPM/PERT by Computerization to achieve organizational objectives
  • Overall Project document control system.
  • Weekly Alerts to the Management on the Slippages from Planned, incomplete Tasks, Action required from Management (if any) , certain cases such as material errors, omissions, defective workmanship, non-compliance with HSSE standards, defaults, or other material breaches by sub agencies.
  • Preparing Weekly/ Monthly Progress reports with detailed Package wise Assessments and participating in periodic review meetings to appraise on project progress.
  • Providing roadmaps and periodic recommendations to senior management and implementation of mitigation and contingency plans, suggestion for Catch-up Plan/Schedule for various packages, Optimization of Cash flow by reducing the idle/dead stock of Raw material, Construction material required at a later date
  • Other tasks of IQRA consultants include: facilitating meetings; building positive relationships with clients, vendors and management; tracking documentation and data collection; creating presentations; and conducting follow-up studies on projects.
  • Reporting that Civil/Mechanical completion has occurred and the permanent work is ready for start-up.