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In-House Training:

IQRA QUALITY SERVICES Training offers a variety of practical, industry-focused courses that vary in length, location and delivery method, depending on your training needs.

Our job-specific foundation courses and advanced technical competency development training are ideal for engineering graduate to get employment.

IQRA QUALITY SERVICES training programs cover a broad spectrum of training needs for Professional, Engineering Graduates and Skilled Craft man from the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Steel, Power, Cement, Fertilizers, Pharma, and Food Processing. Our experienced faculty ensure the learning objectives as well as the course content stay relevant to current industry needs and challenges. In addition to our In-House training program, we understand the importance of offering quality customized training program. Our Training methodology utilizes effective blend of lecture, Power Point, Videos and practical demonstration which makes us unique and a partner of excellence.

While some Industrial training overlaps engineering disciplines (Mechanical, Civil and Electrical), we do understand that each discipline has specific training needs. The participants who are certified by our training programs were also successful in various International Certifications.

We invite you to click and browse your Training Program from the List and discover what IQRA Quality Services can do for you.

Upcoming Courses

Training Programs

Code Description
IHT01 Corrosion Damage Mechanism
IHT02 Painting Inspection
IHT03 Painting Defects-Causes and Remedies
IHT04 Cathodic Protection
IHT05 Certified Painting QA/QC Inspector
IHT06 Specialized Coatings
IHT07 Pipeline Coating Inspector
IHT08 Industrial Maintenance painting
IHT09 Hot Dip Galvanization
IHT10 Metallized Coatings
IHT11 Welding Inspection
IHT12 Welding Defects- Causes and Remedies
IHT13 Welding Metallurgy
IHT14 Welding Process-Advantages and Disadvantages
IHT15 Special Welding Processes-Weld metal overlay
IHT16 Welding Training Program
IHT17 Welder Qualification and Welding Operator Qualification
IHT18 Welding Procedure Qualification
IHT19 Weld Distortion-Prevention and Control
IHT20 Weld Testing by NDT
IHT21 Certified Welding QA/QC Inspector
IHT22 Brazing Process-Advantages and Disadvantages
Code Description
IHT23 Brazing Qualification and Brazing Operator Qualification
IHT24 Brazing Procedure Qualification
IHT25 Certified Pressure Vessels Inspector
IHT26 Heat exchangers
IHT27 Certified Storage Tanks Inspector
IHT28 Certified piping QA/QC inspector
IHT29 Source Inspection Fixed Equipment
IHT30 Source Inspection Rotary Equipment
IHT31 Certified Hydro test Inspector
IHT32 Structural material inspection
IHT33 Machining inspection
IHT34 Cement Machinery Inspection
IHT35 Mechanical testing and PMI
IHT36 NDT Training (VT, DPT, MPT, RT & UT)
IHT37 Casting
IHT38 Forging
IHT39 Heat Treatment
IHT40 Line Pipe
IHT41 Pipe Fittings and Flanges
IHT42 Valves
IHT43 Material Handling Equipment