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IQRA QUALITY SERVICES Training Programmes are also offered in e-training platforms reducing the costs of training, while maintaining a high level of quality. E-Training by IQRA QUALITY SERVICES offers combines IQRA QUALITY SERVICES expertise and innovation. Our customers can take advantage of IQRA QUALITY SERVICES continual support as a technological partner and career progression.

Our Experts have Identified, Designed and Developed Industry need based e-training courses for

  • Cost-effective training solutions
  • Enhanced course knowledge retention through self-paced study
  • Flexibility

This platform introduces innovative learning media for industrial training, such as courses in video format (IQRA QUALITY SERVICES instructors-led videos). Instructor-led videos have been developed with experienced and qualified IQRA QUALITY SERVICES instructors, allowing the trainees to follow theoretical courses as if they were in an IQRA QUALITY SERVICES Training Centre.

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