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Brazer Qualification Services:

IQRA Quality Services carry out the qualification of Brazers allowing companies to achieve their goals in meeting industry standards.

Our experts visit the customer facility for review the existing Brazing procedures to be qualified and support from preparation of test coupons to actual testing and certification. We also qualify Brazing Procedures and train them in using the qualified BPS.

We also help maintain the database of qualifications to facilitate timely renewals by periodic monitoring as per relevant code. We issue Brazer Identification Card to ensure right man on the right job.

The Scope of Services includes:

  • Training of Brazers
  • Review of existing BPS
  • Verification of material, consumables & material specification.
  • Witness of Test Coupon Brazing.
  • Visual inspection of Braze.
  • Non-destructive testing as applicable.
  • Review of PWHT procedures and documents where applicable.
  • Witness Mechanical testing
  • Prepare and Issue of Brazer Qualification Certificate duly certified by qualified inspector.

Reference International Code:

  • ASME Sec IX ( Boiler and pressure vessel code)
  • DIN EN ISO 13585 (Qualification test of brazers and brazing operators)